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The Reich Law Firm

The Reich Law Firm is a leader in representing clients who need assistance in Immigration law, Deportation law, and Employment Law. We have years of experience to call upon when supporting our clients through difficulties, offering superior customer service and compassionate representation.

Our Advocacy

Law is very intricate and specialized. Knowing you have an advocate on your side can make a tremendous difference in the assessment, strategy and outcome of your case. Each specialty has its own set of rules and regulations, and your legal team should be ready to defend your rights.

Our Process

We work with our clients to educate them on the process that may take place, providing them with answers they desire and options for moving forward. No one wants to incur legal costs and fees, but having a strategic team on your side is well worth your time and effort.


Immigration Law Attorney in NYC

Finding the best immigration lawyer in New York can be difficult. Whether you're trying to get permanent residency in the United States with a Green card, becoming a resident through refugee status, or getting US H-1B visa for specialty workers, The Reich Law Firm has made becoming a citizen of The United States a simple and straightforward process. Se Hablo Espanol.

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Employment Law Attorney in NYC

Wage and Hour Violations happen every day in America. Don't let the injustice continue. Contact The Reich Law Firm for an employment law attorney in New York. We get to the heart of the matter to get you every penny you deserve.


Deportation Law Attorney in NYC

Deportation can be scary for the individual and their family. Contact us immediately if you or a loved one has been detained by ICE or any agents of the government. Get representation, guidance, and assistance with a local New York Deportation Lawyer.

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Criminal Law Attorney in NYC

Being arrested and charged with a crime can be very scary. The decisions you make when finding a New York City criminal law attorney will impact the rest of your life. We are experienced in representing both US Citizens and Immigrants. Speak with an attorney today.